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NEW! HART BEAT column by Hart Hart BeatRufe on things of note inside and outside St. Lucie County. A bald head doesn't stop this Cardinal from a normal life. Bald as a ... Bird?


NOTE FROM NATIONAL: The 114th Christmas Bird Count


Results of the 114th Christmas Bird Count are almost complete online. To get the full count summary, regional summaries, articles from participants, and more delivered right to your inbox, sign up for American Birds online at www.audubon.org/citizenscience


Audubon has moved the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) results to a digital platform by producing a FREE quarterly citizen science e-newsletter, American Birds. The newsletter contains news from all our citizen science programs, such as Great Backyard Bird Count and Hummingbirds at Home. It also includes the types of CBC information and summaries previously distributed in a print edition of American Birds.

If you have already signed up to receive the new citizen science e-newsletter, many thanks-you will receive our next quarterly edition of American Birds online in early August.

Cheers, Geoff LeBaron
Director of the Christmas Bird Count
National Audubon Society .

MAY LAUGHING GULLnewsletter. Last of the 2013-14 season

NEW OFFICERS for 2014-15 SLAS season



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