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NEW! HART BEAT column by Hart Hart BeatRufe on things of note inside and outside St. Lucie County. When Birds Take Flight

SIGHTING: Red Knot, Fort Pierce Jetty Park (more info)

Green Cay Nature Center and Wakodahatchee Wetlands trip report.

February Laughing Gull newsletter


FIELD TRIP, SATURDAY, MAR. 7, 2015. Dupuis Wildlife Management Area, Canal Point. DETAILS REVISED 2/14. (May have to refresh Field Trips page)

MEETING, THURSDAY, MAR. 5, 2015. Amy Marques, "Wildlife Photography."

James Currie, Host and Creator Nikon's Birding Adventures TV, will be back April 2, 2015. Time and place to be announced. He will be speaking about material in his new book, due out soon.

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