Hart Beat by Hart Rufe

First published October 2011 ... Contact Hart at hartrufe@gmail.com
Rampaging raccoons


My raccoon photo, which is was first posted on the St Lucie Audubon web site, has been used on the cover of a fictional book, written by a fictional author (Leslie Knope) actually played by Amy Poehler, of Saturday Night Live fame, on the comedy series, Parks and Recreationon NBC.

The book, about fictional Pawnee, Indiana, describes the history and life of the town and is quite humorous. In particular, it describes the raccoon invasion that occurred and the reason for my raccoon photo to be on the cover just under the "Welcome to Pawnee, IN" sign and again in the book at page 95. The book is available on the show web site for $14.95 or from Amazon for $11.05 .

The book was featured in the "Parks and Recreation" show which first aired on Oct.  6, 2011, when Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) was interviewed by the local TV station and questioned about her claim to having been born in Pawnee. She is challenged to produce her birth certificate, not the short form, but the actual long form, just as in the Donald Trump/Barack Obama episode. The show can be seen online. We also found it on DirecTV On Demand.

I was first contacted by James Burke, a Graphic Designer working as a staff member of Parks and Recreation, assigned to securing photos for the book, on July 22, of this year, and after going through all of the legal and release formalities, James informed me the book cover had been approved and the book name "Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America" adopted, with October 4th the release date. He sent me a copy just last week. James own photo of himself was used in the book as "Howard Fint, Indiana State mini-golf champion" on page 147. This has been a truly fun experience.

In addition, also last week Kevin Stoos sent me two copies of his book, "The Wind and the Spirit," in which he used my photo of the Bachman's Spa http://www.pawneeindiana.com/about/pawnee-book.shtml rrow from the St Lucie web site.  (10/11)