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Raptors, hawks, eagles, owls, kites

Black Vultures

Turkey Vulture

Turkey (left) and Black  Vultures, flying

Northern Harrier, young male,on Sneed Road between routes 70 and 68 in Feb. 2009  .

Harrier in flight

View 2 in flight

Snail Kite, female, photographed on Route 70 at Carlton Road in Feb. 20009.

Click for full page of Snail Kite photos

Snail Kite, male with apple snail, photographed on Canal 24 Road, in March 2009, 

Swallow-tail Kite

 Swallow-tailed Kite photographed on the North Fork of the St. Lucie River  

Swallow-tail Kite

 Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk (H. Rufe)

 Click for view of hawk being attacked by Mockingbird, by Brian Schultz.

Red-shouldered Hawk, photographed (near Melbourne), in Feb. 2009  .

On attack (Elsa Millard)

Pair (Ryan Kelley)

Close up of head (Cristal Clare)

Short-tailed Hawk

Short-tailed Hawk, on field trip to Sawgrass Park

Red-tailed Hawk, photographed off Midway Road, western St. Lucie County, in Aug. 2009 by Dorothy Schultz

In flight (Rufe)

Juvenile (Rufe)

Bald Eagle, taken at Merritt Island.

In flight, at Merritt Island


Bald Eagle and chick

Bald Eagle, in nest with chick (A. Smith)

Immature in flight (Elsa Millard)

Osprey, taken at Wild Cat Cove, North Hutchinson Island by Anjula Smith in March 2009

On tree  

Northern Caracara

(Northern) Crested Caracara

In flight



Merlin, stretching

American Kestrel, March 2010  

Peregrine Falcon, photographed Nov. 2009.

In flight 1

In flight 2

Barn Owl, Oct. 2011, barn in western St. Lucie County.

Another view

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl, photographed along St. Lucie River.

Great Horned chicks

Immature Great Horned

Barred Owl

Burrowing Owl,

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl photographed on Immakolee Road.

Loons      Ducks      Gulls      Raptors      Doves      Small birds     Critters