St. Lucie Audubon Society

Terns, Gulls and Peeps on the State Park's beach.



We had a small group of eight participants, but our outing was filled with a big day of birding fun.  We met at the inlet parking lot and didn’t have too walk far to find a huge Strangler Fig Tree still bearing fruit. It was in surprisingly good shape after Hurricane Matthew played havoc on it. There were several warbler species, feeding on the berries, fueling up for their migration. The storm left some bare branches which made it easy to spot them.

After the warbler fest, we took a walk along the inlet beach. Low and behold, we came upon two Yellow-Crowned Night Herons. Close by were four Reddish Egrets doing their feeding dance along the shore.  We walked quietly so as not to disturb them.

Around the corner we came across a large group of shorebirds resting on the beach with several tern species including a Common Tern, a first for me. 

We walked through a peaceful hammock trail (above, right) with many native plants including American Beauty Berry (below, right) and Hercules Club (left).

Afterwards, we gathered together at a picnic pavilion and Billi shared a homemade banana cream pie.  Even the bananas were home grown. It was really good and some people had seconds.

We saw a total of 30 species plus two on-route. I want to thank Billi Wagner and Tim Towles for helping to identify species.  Also, thanks to our president, Liz Dunleavy, Liz’s daughter Colleen and the Pembrokes for joining us.

See below for bird species list and for acomplete bird count see  (Region - St Lucie, FL)

Report Submitted by Adella Blacka

Photos courtesy of Bob Blacka

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park ... October 15, 2016 ... Total 32 Species


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