St. Lucie Audubon Society

Hillmoor Trail

The view from Woodstork Trail in Hillmoor Lakes Park, Port St. Lucie, with the hospital in the background.



Meeting spot for this trip was Rivergate Park , PSL . It began raining as cars were arriving and decision was made to drive to a “hidden” birding area a few miles away.

Woodstork Trail/Hillmoor Lakes Park provided an example of a man-made park/ lake , that has been planted primarily with native Florida plants; it provides a beautiful bird habitat. Only one of the 11 birders on the trip had ever been here before; most had not heard of it.  The trails are handicap accessible and except for an occasional jogger or dog-walker, we had the park to ourselves.

We next headed to eastern PSL and did some birding along Green River Parkway. Unfortunately, the trail into the Savannas was too flooded to allow us to enter into the woods, so instead we walked the higher land on the edge of the preserve that is set back from the road.

A special thanks to member Diane Goldberg for identifying the numerous native plants !

-- Submitted by Dorothy Schultz

Birding time, 2 hours: 27  species seen: 

  • Rivergate Park ( birds seen while waiting for group to arrive) :

    1--Mottled Ducks in flight

    2--Yellow-crowned Night Heron

    3--Little Blue Heron

    4--Great Blue Heron

    5--Black Vulture


    7--Common Grackle

    8--Boat-tailed Grackle

  • Woodstork Trail/ Hillmoor Lakes Park :

    --Mottled Ducks

    9--Muscovy Ducks


    --Little Blue Heron

    11--Tricolor Heron

    12--Great Egret

    13--White Ibis


    14--Mourning Dove

    15--Red-bellied Woodpecker

    16--Pileated Woodpecker

    17--White-eyed Vireo

    18--Blue Jay

    19--Fish Crow

    20--Carolina Wren

    21--Gray Catbird

    22--Northern Mockingbird

    23--Palm Warbler

    24--Northern Cardinal

    --Boat-tailed Grackle

  • Green River Parkway ( seen along drive and on our walk ):

    --Great Blue Heron

    25--Cattle Egret

    26--Snowy Egret

    --Great Egret

    --White Ibis

    27--Sandhill Crane

    --Gray Catbird  ( LOTS !! )

    --Northern Cardinal

    --Common Grackle